Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Curriculum - Mapping : Impact on Student’s Short- and Long-Term Learning

By using curriculum mapping, I have more time to develop higher-order questions to ensure I get and keep the students’ attention, while creating excitement of the topic. Students will gain improved short- and long-term learning, because expectations for students to use their constructive thinking skills are imperative. Moreover, I have a clear picture of the skills the students will be required to master, through several assessment methods chosen, prior to moving forward to the next topic. One shortcoming of curriculum design is the tendency to emphasize the integrity of the separate subjects and neglect or ignore connections among many subjects (Wraga, 2009).

Curriculum-Mapping - Proficiency of Program Competency

My curriculum-mapping artifact demonstrates my proficiency in knowing and understanding how to teach my subject (#2); understand my responsibility of managing and monitoring student learning (#3); and think systematically about my practice and learn from experience (#4). My curriculum-map helps me understand my subject by providing a clear picture of the topics I intend to teach; while, allowing me time to develop higher-order questions which ensures I get and keep my students involved. This also shows my ability to manage and monitor my student learning by providing several methods of assessment, including previous learning experiences. Moreover, I used backward planning effectively to identify any gaps, which may arise during my instruction of my lessons.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Very happy: New to this


I am happy I was able to create my very own blog. I look forward to blogging with everyone. Like Darlene, I too will have a teenager in the next month. I can't believe my baby will be a teenager. I can't let him know I referred to him as a baby where others can read. :)